Meghanana Lynn Modeling

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Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is Meghana Lynn, and I'm an amateur model. I hope you enjoy my gallery!

I have NO TATOOS, only my ears are pierced.

DRIVER: I do not have a car. Therefore, I have a driver to take me to shoots. My driver is not a significant other, and will not bother. If you do not have a waiting room, my driver can wait in the car.

CONTACT: I prefer messaging to phone calls so I can keep track of all of the information. Please contact me Facebook, ModelMayhem, iStudio, 

LOCATION: I am very limited, and can only take jobs in the areas near and in between Cleveland, Kent, and Macedonia.
WARDROBE: I do not have a modeling specific wardrobe. However, pieces and accessories that may be of interest can be found here.

Why I Love to Model: I love becoming a chameleon and looking like a different person, or even entity, within photographs. I also love photography, and when I look at beautiful photos of women, I think, "I want to be like -her-!"

How I Work: I am an AMATEUR model, so that means I am not polished and don't know too much. However, I take direction very well, so I will listen to whatever the photographer wants and deliver as best I can!

What I Like to Shoot: My favorite types of shooting are: cosplay, Japanese fashion (like steampunk and Lolita), 50s/60s pin-up, horror, and fetish.

What Are My Goals: For now, I would like to create a fantastic portfolio. Going professional would be amazing. and my biggest goal would be to appear in a magazine; however, for now, I'm just here to enjoy the ride!

What Is My Personality: I am easy-going and down to earth. :)

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125 lbs